Bill for service costs

The landlord must ensure that after the end of a calendar year, the tenant has an annual statement (final settlement) of the service charge and receive utility costs.

What are service charges?

Service costs are all costs that are charged on top of the basic rent for deliveries and services. These supplies and services are specified in the lease. Examples are the cleaning of general parts, the electricity costs for the general connection, green maintenance and other service contracts. In most cases, it is about costs for common matters.

What does a service charge statement entail?

A service charge statement is drawn up annually in which the monthly advances are offset against the actual costs. You will usually receive this statement before 1 July of the following year. If the actual costs are higher than the advances paid, you will see an additional amount on the statement that must be paid. If the actual costs are lower than the advances, the surplus will be repaid. You will then see a stand for the total.

About what period?

You pay the service costs in proportion to that you have lived on the complex. Did you come to live halfway through the year? Then you only pay a contribution and costs for six months. If you move out of the complex, keep in mind that the following calendar year will be settled by NMG.

You can see your share on the service charge statement below Actual days relative to Seasonal days.