Moving away

If you would like to move to another home, a lot will come your way. Such as, for example, canceling the rent of your current rental home.

Moving can be a stressful time. But with the necessary preparation and planning, you will have a good time.

On this page you will find the forms to arrange the cancellation of your rental property with us. You will also find information about the procedure after cancellation.

Terminate rent

You can cancel your rental agreement as of the 1st of the month after the expiry of the minimum rental period. The notice period is minimal 1 full calendar month, and in some cases more than 1 calendar month. Check your rental agreement: the notice period stated therein is leading. The tenancy notice must be submitted before the first of the month at the latest.

Example: if you want to terminate your lease by April 30, your lease notice must be signed by March 31 at the latest.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the cancellation by e-mail within 5 days.

pay attention: if you also rent a separate parking space or garage box from NMG in addition to a home, you must cancel this separately with us. You then send 2 cancellations to us: 1 for the house and 1 for the parking lot / garage box. This applies to parking spaces or garages for which you have concluded a separate rental contract with us.

Rental termination for myself

Rental termination for myself

Click on the button if you want to cancel the rental for yourself.

Rental termination for someone else

Click on the button if you want to cancel the rent for someone else, for example due to death or administration.

Terminated rent ... now what?

After the termination of the lease, preparations for the move follow. It is important to leave the house in good condition. The brochure provides tools to deliver the house correctly. It is a tool that lists all matters that our inspector will check during the pre- and final inspection.

Je aansluitingen regelen

Een verhuizing gaat standaard gepaard met veel plannen en afvinklijstjes: er moet veel geregeld worden. Niet alleen details zoals welke kleur voor welke muur, maar ook moet je ervoor zorgen dat je aansluitingen goed geregeld zijn. Daarmee kunnen wij je een handje helpen met de MaandlastenManager.