Maintenance tips

To be able to live with great pleasure, maintenance of your home is required. On this page we share maintenance tips, home facts and you can also read what you can contact us for.

Tips and facts MorgenWonen homes

An energy-efficient, sustainable rental home: these are MorgenWonen homes. The zero energy bill homes are built and rented out by us throughout the Netherlands. Because these homes are equipped with solar collectors, a heat pump and underfloor heating, a family that consciously uses energy does not have to have any energy costs!

In the appendix you will find information about the daily use and maintenance of the MorgenWonen home.

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Wise with water in the garden during hot days

During warm periods it is extra important to use water wisely. Here are some tips to keep your garden green, even during a heat wave:

• Ground covers or tree bark ensure that water evaporates less quickly from the soil.
• Do not place thirsty plants in the sunniest corner and give plants that can withstand drought a dry or warm place.
• Use a watering can. Watering all over the plant leads to more evaporation.
• Water preferably in the morning when the sun is not shining brightly. In the evening, the water evaporates less quickly, but this is precisely why the plants and soil remain wet - and that makes them susceptible to mold.

The maintenance guide

In the maintenance guide you can read who is responsible for maintenance and repairs to your home. For example, there are things that we expect from you as a tenant (such as cleaning your home, ensuring that the drain does not become blocked), but other things will be taken care of through us (such as major maintenance).

Do you want to know exactly what belongs to whom? You can easily check this in this brochure.