Rent payments

The debtor administration takes care of everything related to rent payments and the processing of contract data.

They can be reached via 088-200 70 60 or

Frequently Asked Questions

The rent must be paid each month by prepayment. This means that the monthly rent for that month is 1e of each month must be received.

You pay the rent on the account of the owner of the property. This differs per home. You can contact us for this via the debtor administration.

If you use our tenant portal, you can use the menu ''invoices '' see if there are still outstanding invoices.

You can also check whether all your payments have been received by us.

If something is not right or do you have any questions? Then you can contact the debtor administration.

If you are not yet using the tenant portal, you can go to ask for an authorization code. This allows you to create an account.

Please clearly state your name and address.

The tenant portal offers you various options:

  • View your contract details
  • Viewing your contact details
  • Check outstanding invoices or payments received
  • View technical reports from your home and common areas
  • Report technical complaints or general questions

Dit is zeker mogelijk. U dient hiervoor een SEPA machtiging in te vullen. Deze kunt u via onderstaande button online invullen.

We will ensure that the rent is debited on time every month. If the rental price changes, this will be automatically adjusted.
If you do not agree with the debit, you can have it recovered.

Lukt het niet om de SEPA machtiging online in te vullen? Download dan via onderstaande button het formulier en stuur dit vervolgens retour per mail of post.

Voor het wijzigen van uw rekeningnummer voor de automatische incasso dient u ons opnieuw te machtigen voor het afschrijven van uw huur. Dit kunt u doen door het online formulier te vullen. Deze vindt u onder het kopje hierboven ´’Kunnen jullie de huur automatisch van mijn rekening afschrijven?´’

Wilt u het rekeningnummer wijzigen zonder dat u gebruik maakt van een automatische incasso? Dan kunt u een mail sturen naar Vermeld hierbij duidelijk uw naam en adres.

If it is the first time that this had to be debited, it may be that your authorization was received too late.


Has it been debited before? There can be various reasons why the bank does not agree with the debit. We do not receive any information about this for privacy reasons.
Depending on the reaction speed of the bank, you will receive either a notification from us that the direct debit was not successful or a reminder for the failed direct debit. In both cases you must transfer the rent for that basket yourself.


If the direct debit is not successful for several months or if you would like more information about the failure of the direct debits, you can contact the debtor administration or your bank.

It may happen that there are difficulties or unforeseen circumstances surrounding the payments for a month. It is then important that you report to us on time.

If you have one month of rent arrears and you report on time, you can contact the debtor administration to see what is possible.

If you are going to rent another home, the new landlord often asks for a landlord's statement. This indicates the period for which you have rented a home, which rental price you are now paying and that there are no arrears. If you do not have rent arrears, you can request this statement from the debtors administration via 088-200 70 60 or